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Atomic Lead Extractor is made for proactive marketers who want to quickly find leads for their business
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2 April 2014

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Marketing is one of the most important business processes and modern day businesses require to undertake serious marketing efforts in order to survive in today’s highly competitive and stiff market scenario. The advancement in Internet and Webspace has come as a boon to the businesses worldwide as it provides them with the ability to simplify each and every small to large processes, including marketing. If looked carefully, contact information of millions of customers is available on the Internet but it is very difficult to seek out these pieces of information manually. Here comes the need of a powerful utility like Atomic Lead Extractor v. which can quickly retrieve these contact records manually.

Atomic Lead Extractor by AtomicPark Software Inc. is a shareware program that can retrieves relevant contact information from websites according to a set of user defined criteria. The program is free from any dependencies on the browser and the program window has a simplified and neat interface for gaining access to its powerful functionalities. The user is provided a URL bar on the top in which he/she can type the web address for picking out contact information and a status pane on the right hand side of the main display box which shows time elapsed during the search and number of contacts retrieved. The powerful program can even transcend authentication barriers to a large extent in order to fish out the details of a person and can also extract e-mails that are encoded in Javascript. These search results can be easily exported to various document formats like Microsoft Office or plain text files.

To conclude with, Atomic Lead Extractor v. provides the best in class method to seek out thousands of relevant leads for your business which may be very difficult to generate manually, leading it to score four and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Atomic Lead Extractor gathers contact information from websites so you can contact them via email, phone, Skype or ICQ.
Atomic Lead Extractor is made for proactive marketers who want to quickly find leads for their business. To start search you can:
Enter URLs of the webpages that can contain contact information
Type a keyword
*Search Within Website(s).
Enter the URLs of the websites you are interested in and Atomic Lead Extractor will search through the websites and extract contact information from them. Our lead extractor can also extract information from websites that require authentication. Another important feature is ability to extract emails encoded with Javascript.
*Keyword Search.
This lead search type is similar to the previous option but Atomic Lead Extractor will use your preferred search engine to find pages that are shown in the search results, visit those pages and extract all contact information from them.
After saving the results of the searches into a Microsoft Office/OpenOffice or text file you can start working on your leads. Atomic Lead Extractor saves the URL where the contact information was found so you can always check the prospect's website for additional information about them/their company.
Atomic Lead Extractor
Atomic Lead Extractor
Version 8.20
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